Deadline: Jan 12, 2017

Topic: Precarity in Art | Dates: April 1- 30, 2017
Location: Budapest (Hungary) and Zagreb (Croatia)

The first East Calls Curatorial Residency is jointly organized by Easttopics (Hungary)
and G-MK (Croatia) in Spring 2017, on the topic of Precarity in Art.
The topic of Precarity in Art mirrors the actual situation in both countries: Hungary has
endured a severe shift in cultural policies since 2011, resulting in the desertification of
the contemporary art scene and generating new artistic reflexes, independent and
alternative ways to operate. Croatia is presently undergoing the same kind of
restructuration, foreshadowing an oppressing cultural political climate and situation for
the years to come and already witnessing the unprecedented solidarity of the art scenes
in a need to act.
The residency lasts one month and is divided in two time blocks,the first one in Budapest
(Hungary) between April 3- 15 and the second one in Zagreb between April 17- 30. The
purpose of this residency program is to engage with the thematic of Precarity in Art by
connecting international curators with those protagonists of the Hungarian and Croatian
cultural scenes who were/are working with minimal financial, spatial or temporal
resources, and to map the answers they give to such situation.
The program in each country is articulated around three main pivots: a general overview
of the contemporary art scenes of both countries, a focus on the institutions,
self- -organized structures and art professionals dealing with or functioning in precarity,
and finally a personally tailored part shaped according to each participant’s points of
Participation fee: 1.000 EUROS
The fee includes the use of office facilities, entry fees of museums and special events,
public transport in Budapest and Zagreb, inland transport for provincial venues, transport
between Budapest and Zagreb. The fee also covers the production costs or a final
publication realized on the topic of the residency program.
Travel to Budapest for the start of the program and back at the end of the program, as
well as accommodation expenses are NOT included.
Please send a letter of intent and cv
to: easttopics@gmail.com Application deadline: Jan 12, 2017.
Selection process: Jan 19, 2017.
For additional information, please contact us at: easttopics@gmail.com
www.easttopics.com I www.g-mk.hr

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