date 24 january 2016 | Europe-wide |18 countries | 58 venue

image : the installation by Cornelia Konrads Walkaway, 2013
photocredit : sculpture network

"Nature as a material for sculpture" is the theme of this year’s edition of sculpture network’s new year’s brunch. Taking place at 58 locations, in 18 countries throughout Europe and beyond, on Sunday, January 24, 2016, 11 am (CET)
sculpture network organizes the International Celebration of Contemporary Sculpture for the seventh time. new year's brunch'16 takes place Europe-wide on the 24th of January 2016, in 18 countries, at 58 venues and presents a broad panorama of contemporary sculpture, this year focusing on the theme of “nature as a material for sculpture”. Participants are linked via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and can share images on a live photo-wall.
Diverse venues throughout Europe open their doors again for this International Celebration of Contemporary Sculpture. Friends of the arts can see exhibitions and installations, attend panel discussions, lectures, workshops and artist talks, and join guided visits at art studios, museums, galleries, sculpture parks, foundries and production spaces. 58 venues – a record participation – show how contemporary sculpture is created and the attending public can meet the protagonists.
The event’s unique aspect is that it takes place within an existing network. Each participant at the 58 events is virtually linked and can share impressions live on the event’s Photo Wall. Images and comments posted on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #newyearsbrunch16 or #natureforsculpture can be followed live by all visitors in 18 countries.
The new year's brunch in January is the kick-off for sculpture network’s on-going 2016 programme on "Nature as a material for sculpture". With this event as a prelude, the theme will shape the content of other events including the XIV International Forum in Belgium next autumn and a series of Dialogues with experts and artists taking place all year long throughout Europe.
Raise awareness of contemporary sculpture - sculpture network is Europe’s leading platform for three-dimensional art. A non-profit organisation, which supports, encourages and promotes contemporary sculpture. sculpture network organizes local and international events, where the European sculpture community meet, network, discuss and enjoy sculpture. sculpture network new year's brunch is a Europe wide celebration of sculpture. Every year since 2010, people who are fascinated by contemporary three dimensional art get together at the beginning of the year, on the same day, same time, at different types of venues throughout Europe. The new year's brunch brings people together to exchange ideas, network and celebrate sculpture in all its varieties.
The new year’s brunch is an important date in the calendar to catch up with colleagues and friends, to meet experts and artists, make new contacts and hear news, successes, concerns and needs in the struggle for contemporary sculpture.


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