Sofia: Hortus Memoriae | solo exhibition sculpture&installations by Paolo Vivian (IT)

16.07.14 - 31.07.14 
Gallery of UBA "Shipka" 6, Sofia, Bulgaria
After the great success in Varna during the contempo - International Festival of Contemporary Art on July 16, 2014 in Sofia, in the presence of the artist will be opened the solo exhibition - sculpture and installations of Paolo Vivian entitled "HORTUS MEMORIAE". This exhibition brings together 28 works - sculptures, installations and objects created in recent years, the result of the creative researc of the Italian artist Paolo Vivian into the field of collective memory.The idea of the project is to create an imaginary picture of the European family, combining the relationships and influences generated in the process of globalization, migration and distribution of cultural models in a united Europe.
"HORTUS MEMORIAE" is exhibition with coded layout of the works involves the visitors in an intellectual and aesthetic puzzle where everyone creates his own imaginary garden of memory.The curator of the project is Dora Doncheva.
image: Paolo Vivian with his object "Codici ed Incroci" 
during openg of the exhibition in Sofia ;2014;photocredit:Art News Bulletin
The exhibition is realized with the collaboration of the Italian Cultural Institute - Sofia and it is under the patronage of the Municipality of Varna, Fund "Culture" , the program "Varna 2019". Partners of the project are Graffit gallery , Raya Georgieva Foundation. Sponsors: Insurance company "Armeec" ; Devnya Cement, Bulgaria Air. Supporters are Dieter hotel / restaurant; Schenker group, Gran Mobil, Ginger cofee, Plaza hotel, Top-Print.
image: exhibition view ;Hortus Memoriae project;  Paolo Vivian,Sofia ;2014
photo credit: Istituto Italiano di Cultura-Sofia
Paolo Vivian (1962, Trento, Italy) working in the field of sculpture, installation and performance. His works have been presented in the program Vilnius - European Capital of Culture in 2009, in celebration of the 100th anniversary from the foundation of the city of Differdange in Luxembourg; in the curatorial project "Heroes Corners" in Budapest, "Art & Nature", the Netherlands under the auspices of Dutch queen; in the "Mythology of the tree" in Italy, Off-On project in Hamburg, International Biennial of visual Arts, Exi (s) t; Bulart gallery, Varna, gallery "Aktus Magnus", Vilnius and others. He has over ten solo exhibitions in private galleries and cultural institutions in Italy and abroad, including the Palazzo Ducale, Genova, Palazzo Liberia Lagarina Cultural Institute Bernstol, Italy, gallery Artstudio, Ravenna, gallery Laravelina Ferrara, Augustinian Abbey in Bolzano etc.Lives and works in Palu del Fesina, Trentino, Italy.

address: Exhibition Centre Union of Bulgarian Artists Shipka 6, 3rd floor;
1504 Sofia, 6 Shipka Str | www.sbhart.com

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