PICTURE BERLIN | 4 July – 16 August 2014
Deadline: 8 March 2014

PICTURE BERLIN is a six-week summer program designed for emerging artists working in contemporary art and photography. A rigorous studio practice forms the heart of the program and working in community with other artist is its soul. The dynamic programming offers over 15 lectures by Berlin-based artists, one-on-one discussions with over ten international artists and curators, multiple exhibitions, group meals and work reviews, studio visits, a curatorial marathon, and six choreographed artist walks. The city shapes the program and is the springboard naturally flowing into the greater European art scene. As we mark the fifth year, the 2014 summer session offers the opportunity to participate in September's PICTURE BERLIN Festival.

Founded in 2009 by artists for artists, PICTURE BERLIN continues to be run by artists as a hybrid program merging the concentrated studio practice of an artist residency with the support of the art academy. PICTURE BERLIN becomes a network designed in part by each session's artists. As the weeks go by, living and working together, the boundaries dissolve. There is no separation between studio practice, a one-on-one critique, or a shared meal. Every experience informs the next.

As the fifth session closes we are excited to honor our experiences by hosting a PICTURE BERLIN Festival, for our 2010–2014 PICTURE BERLIN alumni artists. The 29 August–13 September 2 week Festival features wide-ranging events from showing in a series of exhibitions, to giving artist talks and having peer-to-peer portfolio reviews and reviews by curators–bringing home our international PICTURE BERLIN community.
The application is  free. You could download it from the web site.

For further insight into the program and a detailed explanation of program fees please visit the website  or contact us directly info@pictureberlin.org.

Zehdenicker Strasse 22
10119 Berlin

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