Lecture and workshop about Critical Curatorial Practice,Ljubljana

Elke Krasny: Unplanned History – Writing It Down/Writing It Up as a Critical Curatorial Practice
Lecture and workshop,Ljubljana
dates: March 13 & 14, 2014
deadline for application workshop: February 28, 2014

In recent spatial practices and engagement in urban transformation, debates have surrounded the putative master planning and the putative un-planning or un-planned. This opposition has been undisputedly at the heart of critical spatial practice and theory.
The title of this lecture proposes a paradox as its starting point: unplanned history. History eludes planning, it has already happened. Still, the notion of the unplanned, as the lecturer emphasizes, is not the only conduit into history. Quite on the contrary, the writing of history, as feminist and postcolonial scholarship have shown, needs care and planning.

Elke Krasny will position a different genealogy of feminist urban curating (largely unwritten) and feminist strategies for writing an urban history that otherwise will have remained untold and invisible. These two histories will be unfold in parallel as part of an ongoing exploration of critical spatial practices in urban curating and of feminist (proto-)curatorial models of conviviality and the writing of unwritten history.
In combination with the lecture, the workshop will look at the interrelations and interdependencies between critical practices of artistic production, curatorial approaches, issues of urban epistemology and research-based strategies. The focus will be on conviviality and care and on issues of vulnerability, resistance, knowing bodies of agency/(un)known bodies of writing.

The workshop is free of charge and will be held in English. The number of participants is limited.

Applications will be accepted up until Friday, February 28, 2014.


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