BONOM at  ISELP Brussels
24 January - 22 March 2014

opening: 23 january 2014 | 18.30 - 21.00 
venue: L`ISELP | Boulevard de Waterloo, 31 B | 
Brussels | Belgium

The first exhibition dedicated to Bonom will take place at the Institute Supérieur pour l’Etude du Langage Plastique, ISELP in Brussels on 24 January 2014. Bonom is alias of Vincent Glowinski, one of the most popular underground artists in Belgium.

You will never forget his style seeing the masturbating woman on boulevard Louise, near the Place Stephanie or his skinny old man between Porte de Hal and La Gare du Midi in Saint-Gilles, in Brussels. The falling down red fox on the facade of five floors building -
in the Place du Congrès, the huge size spider ( Rue du Poingon), the dinosaur skeleton on the entrance of Museum of Natural Scenes, many fishes, elephants, snakes, painted on high altitude made his anonymity most mysterious. Loved and hated he becomes a hero of young generation. His fans created a map in internet with his murals in Brussels.

No once his works raise the questions about the artistic freedom, about the freedom of expression, about the role of advertising in our life and the question for prohibition of the urban area of artistic "abuse". Most of his opponents are in searching of the meaning what is art today and the connection with definition of "beautiful" and  "art"  from last centuries and present times.

Who is he? Artist, performer, illusionist,athlete or dreamer?May be all of this. Following his arrest by the police in 2009, BONOM now works under his real name, Vincent Glowinski on several huge dimension projects in a commission. At ISELP "Bonom will meet Vincent Glowinski", as wrote the Belgium press. Vincent Glowinski , known as Bonom is 26 years old man from Paris, who has moved to Brussels in 2005 or 2006 to begin studies at the School of Visual Arts La Cambre. Since his arrival in Belgium he focused public attention through gigantic mural works in the city depicting animals, skeletons, plants and we could find some traces of inspiration in his murals by the work of Edward Muybridge.

source: www.bonom.be
Bonom`s works are provocative, sensual and  this subtle elegant sketch-liked character made them unique. He mostly painted in black-white. After the arrest by the police in 2009 the anonymity was over and Vincent Glowinski exhibited his works in Botanic, Ixelles museum, the Kanal Festival in Brussels and at the Bukruk festival in Tailand . Before the presentation at ISELP  he has participated ( in colaboration with Jean-François Roversi) at December Dance 13, the international dance festival  in Brugges (BE), curated by Wim Vandekeybus and this year his performance "Meduse" is in the program of EXIT festival in Creteil, France.

photo credit for the images: art news bulletin

Now with the presentation in that kind cultural institution as L`ISELP may be Bonom will go officially in history. Vincent Glowinski together with his friend  the photographer Ian Dykmans who has recorded his night actions are going into the "day light" and they will become part of the official art scene. Indeed, the underground period was done. 
Game is over, starts the new game.

about the presentation at  ISELP Brussels

cover page of the monography; photo credit:ISELP Brussels

The ISELP in collaboration the CFC edition have published the first monograph on the artist titled "Bonom , Le signe boiteux / Vincent Glowinski&Ian Dykmans ". In 200 pages we will discover the history of the legendary works with the help of documentary photography, part of the process, made by Ian Dykmans. The visitors have possibility to own a copy of the book with signed original drawing by Bonom and signed original photography by Dykmans. The edition is 1 - 100, so, hurry up !
There are several collateral events during the presentation and the program is here : ( in french)

BONOM at  ISELP Brussels
24 January - 22 March 2014
opening: 23 january 2014 | 18.30 - 21.00
L`ISELP |  Waterloo 31B | 
* for our readers who don`t know nothing about Bonom is this link 

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