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Louise Bourgeois
Alone And Together
6 September 2013–14 February 2014

Faurschou Foundation presented the exhibition Louise Bourgeois: Alone and Together, curated by Jerry Gorovoy, who was Bourgeois's assistant for close to 30 years. This exhibition was originally shown to acclaim at the Foundation's space in Beijing earlier this year. The title Alone and Together is taken from a diptych gouache that Bourgeois made in 2007 that deals with the feelings of existential loneliness and the complex emotions that emanate from the dialogue with the Other. This retrospective exhibition, which has works from various decades of Bourgeois's career, explores the themes of loneliness, identity, sexuality, birth, family and motherhood.

Louise Bourgeois (1911–2010) is recognized as one of the most respected artists of our time. She was born in Paris and moved to New York in 1938 when she married the American art historian Robert Goldwater. They raised three sons. She lived and worked in New York until her death in 2010. Bourgeois came to wide recognition with her retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art in 1982, and since that time has exhibited in major museums all over the world.

Her influential body of work, produced over seven decades, in a wide range of materials and scale, has exerted a major influence on contemporary art, and has contributed to our knowledge of the fields of psychoanalysis and feminism. Her autobiographical and symbolic art reveals the complex and ambivalent emotions of being in the world. In her large aluminum hanging sculpture The Couple we see attempts of affection and intimacy, as well as the expressions of dependency and the futility of being fully understood by another.

The exhibition also includes the large, aggressive Crouching Spider. Bourgeois identifies the motif of the spider with her mother, who was a tapestry restorer and provided one of the most significant relationships of her life. Like the spider that continually weaves its web, Bourgeois is compelled to give form to her memories, emotions and corresponding bodily sensations.

A catalogue will be published in connection with the exhibition.

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