The biggest forum is bringing the players in culture and the creative sectors together for the first time.
From 30 August to 1 September all stakeholders from culture, creative industries and pubic events in a fair where participants will present their respective program for the season and their activities,based in .Place des Palais  in the  center of Brussels.
The BRUSSELS CREATIVE FORUM will offer professionals an excellent opportunity to meet each other and share their best practices. It will create an environment that will stimulate dialogue and the sharing of experiences, with a view to developing economic activity based on culture and creativity.
Over the course of two days, a knowledge exchange programme will be organised with  professionals from the worlds of culture, creativity and urban life. The goal is to bring together local and international professionals and raise the profile of initiatives, innovations and actions.

30/08->Place des Palais
11 : 00 - Conservamus (Gerald de Hemptinne)
11 : 25 - Bureau de Liaison Bruxelles-Europe (BLBE) / Verbindingsbureau Brussel-Europa / Brussels-Europe Liaison Office (Patrick Struelens - Carlo Luyckx - Emmanuelle Vincent - Thy Truong Minh - Rebecca Shelley – Nathalie San Gil Coello – Mansia Abel – Jospehate Bawai)
12 : 40 - Association Culturelle et Artistique d'Uccle asbl (Jacqueline Rousseaux)
13 : 05 - Administration communale de Saint-Josse / Gemeentebestuur van Sint-Joost-ten-Node
(Charlène Six & Murielle Deleu)
13 : 30 - Maison des Cultures et de la Cohésion Sociale de Molenbeek-Saint-Jean / Huis van Culturen en Sociale Samenhang van Sint-Jans-Molenbeek (Eve Deroover)
13 : 55 - Arts & Publics (Jacques Remacle)
14 : 20 - Tout asbl (Paul Gonze)
14 : 45 - Journées du Patrimoine / Open Monumentendagen in Brussel / Heritage Days in Brussels
(Brigitte Vander Brugghen & Paula Dumont)
15 : 10 - Mondaneum (Vianney Forgeois)
15 : 35 Agence de Développement Territorial asbl / Agentschap voor Territoriale Ontwikkeling vwz
(Louise Richard)
16 : 00 - Poseco (Thierry Vandebroek)
16 : 25 - Café Numérique (Gaetan Dhont & Sabrina Bakalli)
16 : 50 - Marcolini (Pierre Marcolini)
17 : 15 - KissKissBankBank (Edouard Meier)
17 : 40 - Tricoterie asbl & VERTIGE asbl (Charles-Henry Boland)
18 : 05 - Théâtre 140 (Jo Dekmine & Astrid Van Impe)
18 : 35 - Théâtre National (Jean-Louis Colinet)
19 : 05 - Théâtre du Parc (Thierry Debroux)
19 : 35 - Le Réseau des Arts à Bruxelles (RAB) & het Brussels Kunstenoverleg (BKO) (Sophie Alexandre)
20 : 05 - Matters Collective asbl (Augustin de Bellefroid)
BIP (Salle des guichets)
16 : 30 - Brussels Academy (Geert Cochez)
16 : 55 - Platform Kanal (Wim Embrechts)
31/08->Place des Palais
11 : 00 - Atomium (Arnaud Bozzini & Axel Addington)
11 : 25 - L’iselp (Eric Van Essche & Laurent Courtens)
11 : 50 - Voir & Dire Bruxelles (Sophie Godts)
12 : 15 - The Egg (Alain Heureux)
12 : 40 - Tempora (Benoît Remiche)
13 : 05 - Les Halles de Schaerbeek (Christophe Galent)
13 : 30 - ACT asbl (Yves Martin)
13 : 55 - ART2WORK (Nadia Flagothier)
14 : 20 – Défilé Les Petits Riens/Spullenhulp (VO Event) (Michel Culot & Samira Amor)
14 : 45 - Maison du conte (Corinne Pire)
15 : 10 - Récup Art (Pilato Maria Adriana)
15 : 35 - Artwigo (Carole de Vleeschouwer)
16 : 00 - Target’Art (Alexandra Romer, Daphné Delouya, Olivier Waedemon & Sacha Waedemon)
16 : 25 - Les machins (Anne Kennes & Catherine Detry)
16 : 50 - Brussels Tourism Jobs (Didier Fierens & Françoise Meurice)
17 : 15 - Mouvement des Initiatives de Transitions (Fabian Féraux)
17 : 40 – Des Rêves Plein le Monde/Reporters d’Espoirs (Véronique van der Wielen, Pierre-Loïc Nihoul, Gilles Vanvolsem)
BIP (Salle Zinneke)
16 : 25 - Faculté d'architecture de l’ULB "La Cambre-Horta" (Roxanne Enescu)
PechaKucha Night Brussels Vol. 29
30 Aug. 2013, at 20:20 at BIP, with Brussels Creative Forum - More info:
Debats program / Discussions will be developed on a range of themes:
30 August Friday
• Cultural policies in Europe > Fri 30.08 – 11am > 12.30pm 
Coordination: Bénédicte de Brouwer (Cultural Representative for Wallonia-Brussels) and Gudrun Heymans (Cultural Representative for Flanders)
This discussion will help us understand the current changes we are experiencing, the opportunities offered by the future ‘Creative Europe’ programme, and the importance of cultural cooperation in Europe. The session will end with an open debate.
The Cultural Representatives for Flanders and Wallonia-Brussels are the national points of contact for information and support for cultural cooperation between the European Commission and Belgian professionals. As of 2014, these representatives will be responsible for Creative Europe, when it will take on the new name of the ‘Creative Europe Desk’.
Pascal Brunet, Director of Relais Culture Europe
Paul Dujardin, CEO & Artistic Director of BOZAR
Emilie Wacker, Théâtre National Villes en scène/Cities on stage
Julia Pouply, Head of political questions at Culture Action Europe
Gudrun Heymans, Cultural Representative for Flanders
Bénédicte de Brouwer, Cultural Representative for Wallonia-Brussels
• Local culture > Fri 30.08 – 11am > 12.30pm  
Coordination: Centres Culturels bruxellois
Any cultural policy implemented at city, town or regional level, requires reflection on everyone’s contribution to the services offered by different parties in these areas. The ‘Centres Culturels bruxellois’ play a very specific role in this thought process, as everything they do is more geared towards raising awareness and offering better access to Culture, a fundamental right of every citizen. How do they work? What roots can they lay down to make it easier for people to exercise this right? What role do they play in the Brussels urban landscape? These are just some of the questions that the ‘Centres Culturels bruxellois’ will be attempting to answer.
The ‘Centres Culturels bruxellois’ are a network of 12 Cultural Centres recognised (or in the process of being recognised) by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. Their role includes encouraging and nurturing relationships between local organisations and its members throughout Brussels. This involves creating platforms for debate for the Brussels sociocultural sector on issues relating to the challenges of offering local culture.
Emir Kir, Mayor of Saint-Josse-ten-Noode
Martin Smets, Director of Espace Senghor
Frédéric Fourmes, Director of Forest Cultural Center
Thomas Prédour, Director of La Vénerie
Christelle Brül, Coordinator at Culture & Démocratie
Luc Carton, Inspector at Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles
• Investment, patronage, sponsorship and crowdfunding > Fri 30.08 – 2.30pm > 4.30pm
Coordination: Michel Nétens (Prométhéa)
Prométhéa is an association dedicated to promoting and developing corporate sponsorship in Belgium, founded in 1985. It is coordinating the discussion entitled ‘Investment, Patronage, Sponsorship and Crowdfunding, what does the future hold for cultural funding in our country’ for the Brussels Creative Forum 2013. This discussion will look at new economic governance models for the cultural and creative sectors. The current economic challenges we face are driving us to come up with an approach to funding culture that will fit in with a changing world. This event will offer an opportunity to find out about and discuss concepts as wide-ranging and important as investment, tax shelters, private and corporate patronage, sponsorship and crowdsourcing.
Michel Nétens, CEO of Promethea
Virginie Civrais, Managing director of St'art Invest
Isabelle Molhant, Chief Executive Officer, Casa Kafka Pictures
Bernard de Launoit, President of Chapelle Musicale Reine Elisabeth
Dominique Allard, Director of Fondation Roi Beaudouin
Jean-Pierre Smyers, Cultural Attaché at Belfius
Edouard Meier, KissKissBankBank Representative Benelux
Chiara FAINI, Coordinator Brussels-Capital Region, Smartbe
• Image and profile of Brussels > Fri 30.08 – 2.30pm > 4.30pm
Coordination: Patrick Bontinck (VISITBRUSSELS)
How can we raise the profile of Brussels? How can we promote the city and its image to the outside world? These are the questions that this event will attempt to tackle.
Patrick Bontinck is the CEO of VISITBRUSSELS, the organisation responsible for promoting the Brussels-Capital Region and raising Brussels’ cultural, tourism and economic profile. VISITBRUSSELS organises public events throughout the region, including theme years, the Comic Festival, Fête de l’Iris/Irisfeest, eat! BRUSSELS and many more, as well as promoting Brussels as a candidate for organising conferences, competitions and international events.
Participants :
Olivier Willocx, Managing director of Brussels Entreprises Commerce and Industry
Alessandro Cortese, President of European Society of Association Executives      
Rodolphe Van Weyenbergh, General Secretary of the Brussels Hotels Association
Pierre-Paul Vander Sande, Communication & Media Strategy, Advertising arts sprl
Gilles Ledure, Director of Flagey
31 August Saturday
• Professional integration > Sat 31.08 – 11am > 12.30pm
Coordination: Denis Stokkink (European Think Tank ‘Pour la Solidarité’)
Culture creates all sorts of jobs and qualifications: its role in social and professional integration is not in any doubt. But how can we offer training in the creative and cultural professions? What initiatives does Brussels offer to help a large number of jobseekers to join the job market through this sector? And in practical terms, how should we structure policies that encompass culture, training, social economy and inclusion?
This round table event will attempt to answer these questions by looking at the personal experiences of different people who have been affected by these challenges.
Pour la Solidarité (PLS) provides services for socio-economic and political stakeholders who are keen to operate in a professional manner on the European solidarity stage. Pour la Solidarité works closely with European institutions to cater to the needs of solidarity stakeholders in Europe. They are keen to play an active role in putting together long-term public policies, increasing companies’ interest in their corporate social responsibility, promoting the social economy and encouraging members of the public to get involved in the decision-making process to face up to the many emerging challenges and help to build a Europe that espouses solidarity and social cohesion.
Denis Stokkink, Director of Think Tank européen Pour la Solidarité
Lamia Mechbal, Coordinator at Concertation des centres culturels bruxellois
Roberto Cordova et Denis Saintghislain, Régie mobile de la Culture
Gaëtan Vandeplas, In charge of project development, Artist project/iles asbl
Patrick Lalieux & Stéphanie Melkebeke, Rock the City
Sandrino Graceffa, Director of SMartFr
Representative of FeBISP (Fédération bruxelloise des organismes d'insertion socioprofessionnelle)
• Cultural and creative industries > Sat 31.08 – 11am > 12.30pm
Coordination: Alok Nandi (Klabfab)
This session is designed to explore practices connected to the cultural and creative industries in different parts of the world in order to give us an overview to help us contribute to a roadmap for the creative and cultural industries in Brussels. Examples and case studies will feed into a reflection process looking at the complex dimensions of these sectors that straddle a number of different economies.
Alok Nandi, the panel’s moderator, will be bringing his multidisciplinary expertise in design (coCreationcamp, Interaction Design IxD14 Amsterdam), new media (Casterman, Flammarion), marketing (Procter & Gamble), film production and events (PechaKucha, Post-Flux and many more). He is the creative director of Architempo and launched Klabfab, knowledge lab*fab, to explore hybrid innovation possibilities in complex contexts.
Anton Van Assche, Unizo, Secretariat, Cultural & creative Industries Platform Brussels
Julie Brunel, Commercial Strategy for Creatives
Christophe Galent, Director of Halles de Schaerbeek
Steven Hearn, President of Scintllo (Le Troisième Pôle, Gaîté Lyrique, Créatis, Galeries)
Edouard Meier, Managing Director at Les Galeries
Dieter Van Den Storm, BOZAR coordinator creative industry
Kate Stockman, Creative strategist and trend feeler
Henri Monceau, Head of Cabinet of Mr Jean-Claude Marcourt, in charge of innovation & new technologies / responsible for Creative Wallonia

• Architecture and urban planning > Sat 31.08 – 2.30pm > 4.30pm
Coordination: Christophe Emma-Dessouroux (Archi Urbain)
Do architecture and urban planning play a cultural role in cities? Is there a place for interaction between culture and architecture? What would urban planning be without culture? To answer these questions and look at how culture and architecture can work together, Mister Emma (Archi Urbain) has invited a number of guests to debate the issues.
Emma C. Dessouroux produces and presents Archi Urbain on Télé-Bruxelles. Broadcast for the last seven years, with more than 250 reports lasting 12 minutes each, this programme has become must-see TV for anyone involved in architecture and urban planning in Brussels.
Emma C. Dessouroux has become a pioneer of online videos, thanks to the cultural information website misteremma.com, which he launched in 2003.
Petra Pfermenges, Founder, Alive Architecture
Henri Simons, Recyclart asbl
Jean-Marc Sterno, Faculty of Architecture ULB
Geoffroy Coomans de Brachène, Alderman for Town Planning and Heritage.
Luc Deleuze, Architect - Senior Partner, Art & Build
Pierre Blondel, Pierre Blondel architectes sprl
Denis Meyers, Urban artist
• Audiovisual material and the media > Sat 31.08 – 2.30pm > 4.30pm
 Coordination: Noel Magis (Bruxellimage)
For several years, the intrinsic competitiveness of the film and audiovisual industries (know-how, creativity, innovation, cost etc.) has not necessarily been a key factor when it comes to producers’ choices. This competitiveness has often taken SMEs to neighbouring regions, particularly through the famous regional audiovisual investment funds.
After all, Brussels’ audiovisual sector boasts a huge array of advantages, including the presence of major television channels, leading media groups and an established core of communication agencies. The recent announcement about the creation of a media city in the Reyers district by 2020, along with the launch of a policy supporting audiovisual companies, offer great hope for the prospect of raising awareness about the need to support an industry that provides 5,000 jobs in the Brussels region. This event offers audiovisual professionals working in Brussels the chance to share their opinions with each other to work together to restore the competitive edge of local audiovisual companies.
Noël Magis has been in charge of Bruxellimage since November 2010. His role mainly involves defining, establishing and promoting the services offered by Brussels-based businesses in the audiovisual sector as a whole and, more specifically, those involved in film. He is also the author of a study of the film industry in the Brussels-Capital Region.
Participants :
Juan Bossicard, ICT Business Unit Manager ABE-BAO
Noël Magis, Bruxellimage
Thierry Dubois, President of UB&BV
Ruben Goots, Executive Producer Caviar Films
Bart Van Langendonck, Founder & Producer, Savage film
Sylvain Goldberg, Belgian Film Producer Association - Producer
Patrick Quinet, Union des Producteurs de Films Francophones - Producer
Patrick Paulo, Producer, TV Media Res
Eric Russon, Journalist
Serge de Poucques, Producer & President of Anim.be
Le BRUSSELS CREATIVE FORUM  is by the initiative of BAPEO,the organizers are Visitbrussels and Prométhéa with collaboration with Fondation pour les Arts et Architempo.
more in info in ww.beculture.be

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